Create a Blob Map

Make your own blob map at home

Where is your blob map? You can choose anywhere in the world; native home, new home, vacation places, uncomfortable places, dream places…

If your place is Florence, use the Florence blob map template and fill in your name and relationship to this city.

If it is another place, use the blank template and indicate what place you are blobbing.

Using your clay, think about how you use this space in real-life. What are the areas that are important to you? What areas are familiar, scary, exciting, or even boring?

A blob map is up to your own interpretation, there’s no right or wrong and we’re not looking for anything specific. Just have fun and don’t spend too much time on it!

Once you’ve finished, send a photo of your blob map to 

To better understand your maps, take a video describing what the blobs are and why you chose to include them or use the blob explanation sheet found.

Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Send me a message! 

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